The Tabletop General

Welcome to the Tabletop General – a new blog for discussion of strategy games, tactics, issues facing the gaming community, and whatever else happens to cross my mind on a given day. Don’t quote me on this later if it turns out to not be the case, but I’m hoping to build up a much fancier website soon that will become a permanent home for my writings. For now, I suppose this will do for a “field tent”.

I’ve been saving up content for several weeks now in order to have things worth posting about, and I’m excited to be able to finally share it. However, I understand it’s customary to introduce yourself before launching into “real” content (not that I really know what I’m doing here with branding or marketing), so I suppose I should tell you about myself first.

First and foremost, I’m a gamer. I am an only child who didn’t have a lot of other children around when I was growing up, the wonders of living out in the country. Some of my most vivid childhood memories include playing hand after hand of Canasta with my great-grandmother, trying to run away from home because my parents wouldn’t buy me a Nintendo, and taking my report card in to a ‘local’ arcade to score free tokens for A’s and B’s. In middle school, I met people through our chess club, my high school social group was expanded greatly by diving in to Magic: the Gathering, and in college and soon after most of my friends I knew through Warhammer. Now, I play X-Wing Miniatures, Star Trek: Attack Wing, random video games (lately taking a second look at Skyrim), the occasional casual game of Magic, and any board game I can get my hands on (with Dominion, Risk variants, and King of Tokyo being recent favorites). On the horizon, I foresee the recently announced Star Wars: Armada taking up a large portion of my gaming time.

To help pay for my grown-up gaming habits, I’m a software developer, and I have gaming to thank for that.  Someone in my family happened to have an old Texas Instruments computer, I think it was a TI 99/4A, and it was given to me to play games on. It plugged in to the TV, and it came with a handful of game cartridges, as well as a big thick three-ring binder full of “instructions”. It turns out, this contained a primer on the BASIC computer language. I didn’t understand what I was doing at the time, but I copied what the book said to do, and the next thing I knew there were colors flashing on the TV that I controlled.

Lately, I’m busy, to put it lightly. I’m a tournament organizer for one, soon to be multiple game systems at one of my local game stores. I’m running multiple fantasy football leagues for my coworkers. I’m on my company’s softball team. My girlfriend and I are taking ballroom dance classes. I’m hoping to start a software company of my own in the near future. Oh, and I find some time to play games now and again too. I suspect I’ll be discussing all of that in much greater detail later.

For now, enough about me, on to the real content!

— The Tabletop General