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Earlier this week, I discussed some of the options soon to be added into Star Trek: Attack Wing by the Val Jean. Now the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E preview is available, the second of the wave 8 ships to be shown in detail. As per usual for an Attack Wing expansion, there’s a couple of amazing cards, and then a large collection of upgrades that will never see the table except for fluff purposes.

Make It So: A 5 point one-shot item that prevents disabling of another upgrade as a part of that upgrade’s cost to use. That’s a waste of the paper it’s printed on.

Advanced Shields is another upgrade that should never see the table. For 5 points, this Technology upgrade costs your action for an extra shield that is discarded at the end of the turn if unused. Let’s rephrase that… for 5 points and a tech slot, you get access to another version of an Evade action that doesn’t trigger anything that works off of Evade tokens. True, if you have access to a second action, you can use Advanced Shields and take an Evade too, but this doesn’t combine well with Enhanced Hull Plating from the Enterprise NX-01, because that upgrade triggers off of having no active shields, and the Advanced Shields require you to still have active shields in place.

So what’s actually good in this expansion?

The NCC-1701-E is the first Sovereign class hull to be released, and it’s a beast with 5 attack, the standard Enterprise 1 evade, 5 hull, and 5 shields. The named ship ability reads as follows: “You may fire a Torpedo at an enemy ship without needing a Target Lock. If you do so, place an Auxiliary Power Token beside your ship.”. This is a pretty neat ability that reduces the actions required to fire a torpedo, and gives you the option of using your target lock for re-rolls, but with a basic attack of 5 dice, I really don’t see spending an extra 6 points to bring the included Photon Torpedoes for only one more attack die. But I do like the ship as a whole, maneuver dial pending.

The only place in my mind that Torpedoes really shine is when they are fired out of a rear arc when you otherwise do not have a shot. The Dorsal Phaser Array takes that out of the equation. Costing 1 point more than the primary weapon value of the ship it is equipped on, the Dorsal Phaser Array essentially lets you fire your primary weapon in any direction at range 1-2, and does not disable or require any actions to use. The wording does suggest that it is still a secondary weapon though, and thus would not give an extra die at range 1. Also, sorry if I got your hopes up, Dominion players, but this upgrade is restricted to Federation ships with hull value 4 or greater, so it’s of no help to your angry pregnant space whales battleships.

Now, most of the 5 point discard Talent cards are a waste of points in my book. Fire At Will! may be one of the exceptions. If you insist on bringing torpedoes, be sure to check out this Talent. Fire At Will! allows you to make two attacks in a turn, one Primary and one Secondary both against separate targets. Actually, even if you don’t bring torpedoes, check this out anyway (remember, the Dorsal Phaser Array from the previous paragraph is a Secondary Weapon).

Last but certainly not least, there’s now another version of Captain Jean-Luc Picard worth taking. With a captain skill of 8, he has 1 talent slot and costs 5 points. This version of Picard lets you add your choice of a Crew, Tech, Weapon, or Talent upgrade slot to your ship, making many ships more flexible than they previously had been. Additionally, after setup, you can choose a faction to give Picard a bonus against; he rolls +1 defense die against that faction’s attacks, and he can trade in 1 attack die per shot for a guaranteed critical hit result against that faction too!

Too long; didn’t read version: Buy the Enterprise-E, but outside of Picard, Fire at Will, the Dorsal Phaser Array, and the ship itself, you might not want to bother with getting the cards out of the packaging.

Did I miss something great here? How do you plan to use the Enterprise-E? Leave me a comment and let me know.

– The Tabletop General

One thought on “Enterprise-E STAW expansion preview”

  1. Good analysis James! As seems to be too often the case lately, there’s just enough to make a player want to buy the ship, accompanied by useless filler. The completist in me says I should get one, but I am very disappointed overall.