New Tournament Format for Attack Wing

As per a blog post today from Wizkids, they are going to be bringing up official forums for Attack Wing hosted via the Wizkids Event System. More importantly, the same post stated that a new set of suggested tournament guidelines will be forthcoming, and will include the following, or something close to it:


120 Points per fleet

• 3 Ships per fleet

50 Points maximum per ship (at the start of the game) including all upgrades, captains, admirals, and resources assigned to the ship. During game play, it might be possible that you will exceed 50 points through game effects that let you steal or add upgrades to your ship.

• If your ship’s base cost is 43 points or more you may add up to 8 Points for upgrades (Crew, Tech, Weapons, and Borg) and a captain even if those cards bring your cost over 50 points.

• If there is a Blind Booster, 30 of your available Fleet Points are reserved for use with game elements from your Blind Booster leaving 90 points to build your fleet. The game elements in your Blind Booster may not be mixed with the 90 points from the rest of your fleet.  The Blind Booster ship counts toward the 3 ships minimum.

(Full blog post:

This completely invalidates certain builds, like my version of the Enterprise E. The Borg Cube in particular is nerfed into near irrelevance, having exactly one point left for a Captain or other upgrades if you make use of it’s ability to equip a Borg Ablative Hull Armor at a discount.

But what this format prevents is worth the sacrifice. Attack Wing is going to go back to being less about collecting the pieces to build one or two nigh-unkillable dreadnaughts that will yield no points to your opponent; and will once again focus on tactics. maneuvering, and outwitting your opponent on the fly. No longer can players stuff all their points onto one battleship with multiple attack-canceling abilities. Weyoun and Varel is a much less scary combo when that no longer protects 75% or more of the opponent’s fleet. If your opponent still brings that in their build, then just shoot the other ships!

As I’ve told my local group, I’m willing to play by any reasonable set of rules put forth by the venue / TO, but I think this is a positive step for the game and the community. I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of the community reacts.

What are your thoughts on the new format? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear what your opinions are!

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9 thoughts on “New Tournament Format for Attack Wing”

  1. I don’t like this.

    It’s so restrictive that certain ships, like the Ent. E almost can’t see play. The fun in this game (for me) is running cool ships with cool characters and resources.

    You think you’re the first person to come up with an Ent E that was a match for the Borg? Nope. Didn’t know who you were, and had almost an identical build. Why? Because that build made sense.

    Well, now most new ships are nerfed. Will the game still be interesting? Maybe, if you want to run a base ship with almost no upgrades, or with no resource cards, or with a useless captain.

    Yes, we can get creative. After hearing about this game nerf, I built an Ent. D that has a chance. It’s a baby Ent. E. But I spent good hard earned money to run the E because it’s a cool ship. Now, I feel like I can’t play it without weakening my entire fleet. Maybe this feeling will pass and I will find that I love the new format, but for now it feels like we’ve been forced to play MTG Standard when we got in to play Legacy or Vintage.

    What they left intact was the two Borg Sphere fleet running a Borg missile and some other great card. Or a Queen and Sphere with a Missile and something else broken. So the Borg are still the ones to beat, and the Federation is nerfed.

    It makes me angry. Hopefully this feeling is misplaced and unwarranted, but for now…I’m not pleased.

  2. Actually, Voyager is better than the D.

    USS Voyager (30)
    Picard (5) from Ent E
    Sulu (3) from TOS Ent
    Shelby (2) from Yeager
    Multi Adaptive Shields (5) from Raven
    Total (45)

    We don’t need Tom Paris with Voyagers base 2 Evade. We can live without the Dorsal Phaser Array with Voyagers special ability. This build still gets up to 7 evade dice and 4 attack, plus you get Picards auto Crit conversion if you choose, along with Shelby re rolls vs Borg and Sulus BattleStations conversion.

    Second ship:
    Borg Sphere (38)
    Generic Captain (0)
    Borg Missile (6) from Tac Cube
    Magnus Hansen (1) why? Because I hate leaving points on the floor.
    Total (45)

    Fleet cost (90)

    So, yes, we can make good ships…BUT I WANT TO RUN MY OTHER COOL STUFF along with the E.

    Sorry if this counts as a double post but I didn’t see a way to edit my original rant…


  3. I certainly didn’t think I was the only one to make such a build with the E, it was simply a thought experiment in how to out-Borg the Borg that happened to be playable. Regarding your suggested Voyager build, it will probably hold up well.

    I most certainly understand where you’re coming from with wanting to be able to use your Enterprise E or similar ships and feeling restricted. Not wanting to give extra Borg love, but sharing a restriction that another player pointed out this weekend, under these new rules only Assimilation Target Prime and the generic borg D’Deridex can now use Cutting Beams, they’re illegal on any other Borg ship.

    I agree that this new format is not a perfect solution, but I don’t know that a perfect solution exists without major re-engineering of the game.

    Thanks for reading, and also for your input!

  4. Hey! I hope I didn’t “sound” flippant. I didn’t mean to, but re-reading my comment I think I did…and I apologize for that. Wasn’t intended at all.

    I know what you mean about “thought experiments”! I find that to be much of the fun with this game. I LOVE putting ships together that give me at least 2 ships for use in a 90 + 30 format. We’ve been overrun by Borg, which seems to win all the time…except recently when I won with my Enterprise E build and a 22 pt Ent 1701 as a companion.

    You’re right, this new format is not perfect. My initial reaction is to hate it, but I need to give it a chance before making a final decision.

    Can you point out some of the positives here? I see where we would be pressed to use “smaller ships” and larger fleets, but then it seems to nerf those new, amazing ships. Why come out with ships you immediately nerf? Why should I buy new ships if I can’t play them the way they were clearly intended to be played?

    Love your blog. Thanks for investing the time and for the engaging, witty, informational way you present


  5. I suspect there’s a changing of the guard taking place within Wizkids. Chris Guild seems to have been restricted to radio silence, and he’s been credited with a lot of the recent power imbalances, especially the Borg. The fact that the FAQ has been moved onto the Wizkids website, that they’re going to be hosting their own forums, and this suggested format update all points to someone else realizing the game’s player pool is at risk of abandoning the game and they’re trying to fix everything that they can.

    On the other hand, while the exact contents of the expansions may not be finalized yet, we know the planned release pipeline for STAW out to June of 2015, and the ships that are currently being released may have been finalized months ago.

    The combination of these two factors probably means that Wizkids was forced to either not respond to the issues with the current meta for several more months, or take the current option in an attempt to fix the game at the expense of invalidating some of these already printed ships in tournament play.

    As to the positives of the new format… We’ll see more variety in builds, as players aren’t required to bring the most optimal dreadnought available to win an event. Trying to squeeze under the 50 point limit will result in cheaper captains and upgrades being taken, and thus more variety in what is selected. It makes competition less about the build used, and more about playing the game.

    It will also lead to more accurate results in tournament scoring and seeding. When facing one ship dreadnought builds, there’s no distinction between a player who lost horribly and removed two shields from that ship and the player who lost a close match and needed to deal one more hit to win the match; the score sheet looks the same in both cases. With multiple ships required, the scores will more closely reflect the game, as that same grade of performance would still net 0 points for the player removing two shields, but 2 out of 3 ships worth of points for the player who almost won.

    And lastly, thank you for the feedback. It means a lot to me to know that my content, thoughts, and delivery thereof are all being appreciated.

  6. Ah, okay, that all makes a lot of sense. Well, at the end of the day it’s a GAME and it’s fun to play. You make a lot of good points, and I’d like to try out the new format. I agree that I’ve been forced to bring a one-ship dreadnought with a throw-away companion, so it might be nice to fly 5 ships in a fleet for a change. Thanks again for all you do.