Will GEICO insure a Decimator?

New site? Check. Same decor? Check. New content? Let’s go!

Looking ahead to the retail release of the VT-49 Decimator for Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures, I’ve really been torn as to how to use it, or if I’ll even have it take the field. But after the relatively positive response I received to my theoretical Suicide Bomber Z-95 list for Scum and Villainy, I’m very much in a non-traditional mindset when it comes to list designs. The design of the Decimator lends itself to creating collisions with the opponent, and I see no reason not to encourage that to continue.

Bumper Captains

Captain Yorr
Lambda-Class Shuttle (24)
Fire-Control System – 2 (B-WingTIE Phantom)
Ion Cannon – 3 (Firespray, Lambda, B-Wing)
Darth Vader – 3 (Lambda)
Anti-Pursuit Lasers – 2 (Lambda)

Captain Oicunn
VT-49 Decimator – 42
Ruthlessness – 3 (VT-49)
Proton Bombs – 5 (VT-49, TIE Bomber)
Mara Jade – 3 (VT-49)
Ysanne Isard – 4 (VT-49)
Ion Torpedoes – 5 (VT-49)
Dauntless – 2 (VT-49)
Anti-Pursuit Lasers – 2 (Lambda)


Captain-oicunn              Captain-yorr

Following Oicunn with Yorr down the middle of the table between asteroids, pilots will have little option for where to maneuver without being a prime target for a collision from the Decimator, which will deal a damage thanks to Oicunn’s special ability. Then pilots who run into either ship will take damage from Anti-Pursuit lasers. A TIE swarm will have a bad day against this list, with the Decimator carrying a copy of the new and impressive Ion Torpedoes along with Ruthlessness and Proton Bombs. With proper positioning, the Decimator could wipe out an entire swarm within the course of 3 turns!

ion-torpedoes                          ruthlessnessanti-pursuit-lasers                           proton-bombs

Carrying an Ion Cannon and Darth Vader, the shuttle can serve as the anvil to the Decimator’s hammer, being able to force a target to make a 1-forward manuever with an Ion cannon shot and/or loading on extra damage via Vader’s ability.

darth-vader                           ion-cannon

If you keep Yorr’s shuttle right behind the Decimator, moving at the same initiative value, K-turns aren’t available as options to escape. Additionally, once the Decimator gets to Range 1, Mara Jade starts loading stress tokens onto all nearby enemies, which will further reduce the enemy’s maneuvering options for successive turns. And the Dauntless title card will keep your actions flowing even while you ram the enemy, while Captain Yorr will absorb the stress with his special ability.

mara-jade                           dauntless


This list isn’t without its’ weaknesses, and actually falls flat against two separate popular archetypes in the current meta – The lateral maneuverability of a TIE Phantom will allow them to stay at a safe range and distance, and you’ll have to rely on a couple of lucky turret hits to bring them down, or smart flying with the two ships in tandem to catch the phantom with stress and ion tokens in the same round. The Millennium Falcon, on the other hand, has almost as many total hit points as the Decimator, doesn’t have to move towards the Decimator to fire, and one defense die is better than none. Throw in Han as the pilot, or the Millennium Falcon title card for evade actions, and the Falcon probably wins the head-to-head battle (it won’t do that against all Decimator builds, but it will likely beat this one).

But again, it’s outside the box, and it’s breathing some fresh life into the game. What’s not to like?

Do you have different battle plans in mind for your Decimator once it drops out of hyperspace and into your collection? Leave me a comment and let me know how you’re going to use it!