120 point X-Wing tournament

I ran an X-Wing tournament last weekend, and as usual I made a slight tweak to the rules to give a break from your standard 100 point lists. Last time, as a prelude for Rebel Aces, I gave away raffle tickets for a copy of Rebel Aces for attendance and for game wins, with bonus tickets given for using named A-Wing and B-Wing pilots, or named TIE Interceptor pilots from Imperial Aces, but you could still run your usual list and many players did. So to mix things up further this time around, I upped the points limit to 120 and increased round durations to 75 minutes to see what effect that might have on force composition. Some players brought extra ships, others kept their pilots the same and gave them extra equipment that normally can’t be afforded in 100 points.

This was a busy day for me (the X-Wing event was preceded by a tournament for Star Trek: Attack Wing, and I had a Halloween party to rush off to as soon as I finished), so I neglected to ask to keep copies of everyone’s lists, or to write down the final standings for the event. Still, I figured I should share a couple of the photos I took, even if I didn’t have any deep tactical insights to share regarding the outcome.

Two rebel fleets jousting
3x Green Squadron and Roark Garnet vs Ten Numb, Arvel Crynyd, a Gold Squadron, and a Blue Squadron – They didn’t line up head to head like this, this joust is actually parallel to the deployment zone.


Rebel fleets jousting #2
Same fleets, different angle.


TIE Fighter furball
Howlrunner #1: “You’re an impostor and a traitor!” Howlrunner #2: “No, YOU’RE an impostor and a traitor!” Academy Pilots #1-7: “Wait, which one do we shoot?”


Echo: “Pah, look at all those peasants, bumping into each other like uncivilized scum. Let’s handle this like proper backstabbers, with room to work” Boba: “Then why are you so close to me?”

I don’t know if it was a factor of players moving slower because they felt like they had plenty of time, or if the unfamiliar lists slowed decision making, but even with 15 extra minutes, around half of the matches went to time, which is unusually high for our local players.

One of the TIE Fighter swarm lists from the last couple of pictures won the event with a 3-0 finish, I believe it was the one with the Firespray, but I’m not entirely sure. Again, this day was a bit of a blur for me, and I was playing a teaching for Star Trek: Attack Wing at the same time the event was going on, so other than giving judgement calls and rulings when asked, I didn’t keep as close of an eye on the event as I normally would, and I was surprised to find that I had less pictures than I would normally take as well.

I’ll do better next time! Honest!

– The Tabletop General