Regent’s Flagship Preview

The passage of time must work differently in the Mirror Universe, because otherwise I can’t for the life of me figure out why the preview of the Regent’s Flagship is just now available on Not my call though, and I certainly don’t get any inside information, I just read in to what is released and share my thoughts, so my schedule is set by theirs.

The Regent’s Flagship is a relatively beefy ship, the first Klingon to sport a hull value of 7. Supposedly twice the size of its’ Prime Universe Negh’Var Class equivalents, the firepower is the same for regular shots, each having a Primary Weapon Value of 5. Where the Regent’s Flagship shines though, is in having enough guns pointing in different directions to be able to fire a 4 die attack at two separate ships instead of a single attack if at Range 1 of both targets. This has already been clarified by Wizkids to still count as a Primary Weapon attack, thus granting a range bonus and actually using 5 dice per attack. It struck me as odd that this Klingon ship couldn’t cloak by default, but after some research and understand that this is for story purposes. Looking at the action bar though, and given how poorly cloaking has treated me lately, I’m much happier to see a Battlestations action available to back up that high attack value.

The Mirror Universe version of Kira Nerys is very protective of her ship. She disables to counter a Crew Upgrade’s action that affects her ship, such as Worf (USS Defiant), Selok (R.I.S. Vo), or Crosis (Soong). There’s lots of things that Nerys gives you immunity to here, but it only helps against Crew upgrades, meaning Borg upgrades like Assimilation Tubules (Borg Sphere) and Tech upgrades like Projected Stasis Field (I.K.S. Gr’oth) can still affect your ship normally. Also, while disabling still happens to the blocked crew if that was a part of the activation cost, any canceled Crew action that requires discarding is disabled instead with Kira. Thus, it’s more of a delaying tactic, than a fully preventative one.

Regents Flagship              Kira Nerys


The crew of the Regent’s Flagship is underwhelming, at best.

Brunt is a one shot upgrade, who is discarded to place an Auxiliary Power Token beside an enemy ship during the end phase. Well worth the one point cost for him, it’s not an overpowering ability by any means, but it can be useful if applied at the right time. He’s the one crew member out of the pack that I’m most likely to use if I have a spare slot.

Bareil Antos is really cheap for a card that can repeatedly steal upgrades, but he isn’t guaranteed to succeed, and that bothers me as a competitive player – I don’t like abilities that aren’t guaranteed to function properly.

Brunt              Bareil Antos

Elim Garak works as a half-Admiral from a crew slot. He boosts the Captain Skill of captains on Mirror Universe ships, and can disable the Captain for an extra attack die on an attack. I’m not loving his functionality, but there may be some interesting mechanics down the road where you want to disable your Captain at some point and allow your Admiral to step in, and Garak can do that for you.

Odo works as an acceleration mechanic, allowing you to use a disabled crew upgrade’s action without having to spend an extra action to re-enable them first, but discarding that upgrade in the process.

Elim Garak              Odo


On to the Elite Talents. I Will Deal With Them Myself is a very inefficient card, designed for alpha strikes. As a 5 point discard, you may disable up to two Crew upgrade cards for 1 extra attack die each. To each their own, but that’s nowhere near worth taking for me. Intendant’s Orders is a little bit more reasonable, as a two point talent that is disabled to use, it removes up to two disabled tokens from your Crew upgrades. In a cross faction build, this would work extremely well with Riker from the USS Enterprise E, allowing you to disable him for an extra action for two turns in a row.

I Will Deal With Them Myself              Intendants Orders

The ever so popular phrase Make It So! makes another appearance; this is a one-shot ability allowing you to perform a free Action, at the additional cost of disabling a Crew Upgrade.

The rules lawyers are going to have a field day with this one. Know why? First, look really closely at the previous pair of Elite Talents and compare them to the other cards in the pack. Notice anything different? Maybe the Unique symbol? That’s right, these Mirror Universe faction Elite Talents have the Prime Universe unique symbol. Now look at Make It So! and Make It So (from the USS Enterprise E expansion). Does the exclamation point make it a differently named card, in case anyone was so inclined to want to take both of these for some odd reason?

Make It So               Fed Make It So


Moving on, let’s briefly look at Weapons upgrades. Photon Torpedoes, +1 die if this ship uses them. Insert yawning noises here.

Photon Torpedoes



Now for Tech. Tractor Beam looks to be a very interesting card – In exchange for an action, you can assign 0-2 Auxiliary Power Tokens to a ship at Range 1. Low skill captains are going to love this action, as your opponent’s captains with higher skill will be afraid to take red maneuvers as long as this card is in play. But again, it’s not guaranteed to work, and that bugs me.

Cloaking Device is a real head-scratcher. Again, I did my homework this time, so I know that the Regent’s Flagship didn’t originally have a Cloaking Device, but had one installed some years later. So thematically, this makes a lot of sense to include. But the card itself makes no sense. Compare it to the Cloaking Device from the Prakesh, available through the Resistance is Futile booster packs (no photo currently available) – the cards are identical in every way… other than the fact that the version from the Prakesh has a 5 point penalty for any non-Mirror Universe ship, as opposed to paying that penalty on anything other than this single unique ship (which is Mirror Universe and thus could have the Prakesh version at normal cost).

Tractor Beam              Cloaking Device


I’ve left one card out thus far that has been revealed in the official preview, because I wanted to save the best for last this time. Admiral Worf is absolutely an amazing card. A very cheap Admiral, he is the first released that does not grant a bonus to Captain Skill, but his ability is priceless: A ship taking his fleet action may grant another ship at range 1-2 a free attack. That sound you just heard was my brain exploding with possibilities, and I’m running at Warp Speed 9 right now working on a list to make maximum use of this ability, most likely leaning heavily on the Hideki Class Attack Squadrons.

Admiral Worf

Did I skip anything awesome here? Leave me a comment (they’re finally turned on, didn’t know they were off!) and let me know what you think of the Regent’s Flagship. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out my previews of the 1st Wave Attack Fighters and the Fina Prime ship, as well as my 2014 Gamer Gift Guide, just in time for the holidays.

– The Tabletop General