X-Wing RPG Session 1

During a routine exercise, a handful of Imperial pilots in training went rogue and helped a freighter of stolen goods escape Imperial space, despite the best efforts of their former squadmates to stop them.

The mission: Disable the Instructor’s shuttle of the opposing team with modified ion weapons, while leaving freighter traffic passing through this Customs checkpoint unharmed.


More civilian traffic arrives, including some really big transport ships, the GR-75 Long Haul and the modified CR-90 Vandar’s Wisdom.
That traffic isn’t civilian after all! Catch The Wild Wookie!!!
Some of the pilots figure out that not all of their peers are firing on the YT-1300 as ordered, while the CR-90 starts laying down covering fire. A HWK-290 attempts to evade a TIE Fighter that misidentifies it as their target.
The Wild Wookie is disabled, and it explodes shortly after some of the suspicious members of the squad take off towards the CR-90.
Fleeing TIE Fighters begin docking with the modified CR-90, which fires up its’ engines again. Loyal Imperials blast away at the defectors, while (mostly) avoiding the transport that’s been dumb enough to keep flying and even accelerate into the combat zone.
Vandar’s Wisdom makes it’s escape with multiple TIE Fighters onboard, while the Long Haul follows right behind, having successfully used the battle as cover to slip past the Customs scan point!


Visibly shaken over delivering his report concerning the chaos that replaced his normally mundane days, the Imperial officer took a short moment to steady himself before answering his superior officer’s request for a report on what had transpired earlier in the day. “Three ships were destroyed. One YT-1300, registered as The Wild Wookie, falsely reported as stolen from dock, and the ship fled when ordered to stop. Two TIE Fighters from the new academy’s training exercises. We’re still analyzing the flight data to determine if they were among those attempting to escape, but the results are inconclusive. Both pilots survived and are being detained until the investigation completes.”

“One HWK-290, Solar Powered Mynock, heavily damaged by an overload of ionization. We believe that one was a combination of misidentification by one of the training pilots and an unexpected failure in the design of our training weaponry. That pilot is also being detained pending investigation. Four other TIE Fighters and one Lambda class shuttle sustained heavy damage to hull during the battle as well as ionization damage from the training exercise and the explosion of The Wild Wookie.

The officer consulted his datapad before continuing. “The modified blockade runner operating under a falsified transponder ID as Vandar’s Wisdom escaped, sustaining minimal damage in the battle. We believe the subspace engines to have been damaged slightly, but analysis is still ongoing; as it was an unregistered ship we do not have enough data about it to be able to determine if it was moving at top speed or not at the end of the battle.”

“The GR-75 Medium Transport Long Haul jumped to lightspeed shortly after the blockade runner, on a similar vector. Intelligence believes that the recovery of this ship was the true objective of the Wisdom. It is uncertain what the Long Haul was carrying; the manifest was obviously faked as it’s declared cargo is still on Rho Station, and the ship was able to bypass scanning at Checkpoint Alpha after the outbreak of hostilities. Intelligence is working closely with Customs to determine what may have been on the ship, and all storage and shipping facilities, civilian and military, have been ordered to perform an exhaustive inventory check.”

“In addition to the destroyed and damaged ships, five of the academy TIE pilots appear to have defected to the rebellion, and landed in a docking bay that was added to the CR-90. Also, one Lambda shuttle is unaccounted for, that of one Captain Polis, secondary flight instructor from the academy. Presumed to have defected as well, but without eyes on his ship, we don’t know where it went, all of our telemetry coverage was lost during the ion pulses from the overloading of Captain Jett’s shuttle and The Wild Wookie. Background checks are being re-initialized on all missing personnel, but we presume the rest of the squadron to be loyal, as shots were exchanged even after the ionization crystals were disabled on the training ships.”

The garrison commander gave a short nod in acknowledgement of the report, and walked away, reaching for his comlink to deliver a simple order: “Find those ships.”

To be continued…

– The Tabletop General