X-Wing RPG Session 2 Preview

Session #2 of our X-Wing RPG is scheduled for this week, and the briefing for both factions follows. I’m officially having fun with this.

Operation: Mon Calamari on Tattooine

The bad news: After the recent defection incident from the starfighter academy on Garlan III, all members of the subsequent class of trainee pilots who had any shred of a connection to Rebellion sympathizers have disappeared. No one will say for certain if they have been detained, executed, or simply expelled from the academy. For the Imperial forces, that means less available pilots in the near future. For the Rebellion, that means that there will be no more potential for defectors conveniently in possession of starfighters.

The good news [for the Rebels]: That means the next class of pilots can be considered purely hostile, and the recent defectors now stationed aboard Vandar’s Wisdom have no need of feeling that they may be facing friends or family; the ties to their original class having been thoroughly severed during their escape.

The grim news: If the schedule hasn’t changed (and in the manner of Imperial efficiency, it likely hasn’t), this next training class is due to fly their first live maneuvers outside of simulators today, not too far from Customs Checkpoint Alpha. That places them in a known location, inside of a gravity well, herded by a single instructor, and otherwise unarmed. It’ll be like the old saying… “Hunting Mon Calamari on Tattooine is easy, there’s nowhere for them to swim once you find them”.

Rebel objectives
Primary: Inflict maximum casualties on the Imperial cadets while you have the advantage, while taking minimal losses.
Secondary: Take out the instructor to slow the training of subsequent classes.

Imperial objectives
Survive the attack until reinforcementsĀ arrive to drive off the Rebels.