X-Wing RPG Session 2



Session #2 of our X-Wing RPG didn’t go well for the Rebellion!

In search of an easy victory, a portion of the Rebels who defected from Garlan III’s pilot training academy attempted to ambush the next class of academy pilots before they could be fully trained and added to combat squadrons. As they had hoped, the attacking force found a handful of unarmed training ships being escorted by a single instructor shuttle, all trapped and cut off from direct reinforcements inside the gravity well of a nearby planet.

The attack run begins, with Six using his new Y-Wing as a distraction while Wrong Way, Big Red, and another Z-95 chased the helpless TIE Fighters.
Getting up close with the training squadron.


3 Z-95 headhunters and 1 Y-Wing proved to be an ineffective assault force, however, and the instructor did a good job of providing cover for the trainees until help could arrive. In total, only three TIEs were lost on the day, one of which wasn’t in the training squadron.

Sabercat and Grandma come to the rescue, along with a Royal Guard (NPC).

The attackers pressed their luck, despite learning that the newly arriving Imperial reinforcements  were between themselves and their only exit route. Now the Rebels were the trapped ones!


Basilisk enters the fight, soon followed by Crossbones.
Now that the trap had been reversed, the Rebels couldn’t commit much more of their thinly stretched forces to the fight. Two X-Wings (NPCs) came in to attempt a rescue, but both were lost.

All of the Rebel ships were shot down in the battle. Several pilots were killed, although Big Red, Six, and at least one other pilot were confirmed to have ejected and been recovered by the enemy.

One Z-95 ALMOST escaped, needing one more turn to clear the gravity well (reach range 3 of the table’s edge), but his heroic escape fell just short, and his evade dice eventually gave out.

Will the remaining Rebels cut their losses and attempt a new strategy, and recruit new pilots? Or will they undertake a daring raid in an attempt to free their comrades? Only time (and another session) will tell!

– The Tabletop General