X-Wing RPG Session 3

The Rebels faired a little better in session #3 of our campaign, taking minimal losses, achieving their primary mission objective, and finding a bonus at the end of the day…

On the ropes after a solid beating in their last attack, the Rebellion resorted to hit and run tactics against less defended objectives while spies and tacticians schemed for a way to rescue the pilots captured in their previous sortie.

An intelligence leak provided the Rebels with the location of a asteroid belt storage facility for imperial weaponry materials deemed too hazardous to store on a settled planet but too valuable to store on a remote one. While useless to their cause without the facilities to complete the manufacturing, destruction of these supplies would certainly hurt the Imperial war effort, and perhaps cause them to stretch their defenses thinner to protect other such facilities.

This rag-tag collection of Z-95 Headhunters and stolen TIE Fighters prepares to attack the Imperial storage facility.


In vast contrast to the previous mission, the Rebels outnumbered their foes and were very well coordinated in their assault, documented below.

Instead of a lazy day of transporting raw materials, two Lambda Class shuttles move to defend the cargo containers along the middle of the map that they expected to be retrieving cargo from.
The Rebels begin their attack run, squeezing between asteroids and proximity mines to swarm the first container.
Meanwhile, two fresh graduates from the Garlan III pilot training academy break off from their patrol route and come to assist the defense.
As the combatants close in, a team of (NPC) smugglers and bandits enter the area, looking for an easy score. Unopposed, they capture several containers from the other side of the facility.
Having slowed the attack but unable to stop it, “Grandma” (bottom left) wisely breaks off after sustaining heavy hull damage and flees the battlefield soon after this photo.
“Clyde” continues to harass the attackers, and takes down one of the Z-95’s as “Cipher” and “CT-1036” arrive to assist.
Things took a turn for the worse for “Clyde” as his shuttle ran through the Proximity Mine field intended to defend the facility, and the Rebels soon pounced, destroying the damaged shuttle!


As valiant as the Imperial defensive effort was, nothing could be done for the facility. The pirates managed to steal half of the containers, and the Rebels destroyed the other half, while the surviving defenders were forced to flee. Holding the field and not engaging the pirates, the rebels found one more bit of cargo floating in space; battered and beaten, but miraculously alive…

He survived, but he’s not happy about being captured!!!!

What happens next? Do the Rebels find a way to free their comrades? Is there potential for a prisoner exchange? Who knows??? But we’re having fun figuring it out!

– The Tabletop General