X-Wing RPG Session 4

Tired of bunking in the tight confines of Vandar’s Wisdom and feeling as though the cockpits of their fighters were a place to relax and stretch out in comparison, our Rebel pilots were delighted to hear that more spacious accommodations were in the works. The only problem is that the space station command had in mind was already occupied.

Well, that’s not entirely true… another problem was that somehow the Imperials anticipated the Rebel attack, and Spectre Special Operations Group (as the Rebels’ former squadron was now known) was waiting to defend the station. So despite the fact that the station’s defenses were reduced by sabotage, this would be no easy mission.

The Rebel assault force prepares for their attack run, consisting of 2 TIE Fighters, a Y-Wing, 2 Z-95’s, and 3 X-Wings. 2 Y-Wings (NPCs) were in reserve and awaiting orders.
Spectre Special Operations Group arrives to defend the station, with 5 TIE Fighters, 1 TIE Bomber, and one Lambda Shuttle.

The Rebels’ primary objective was to capture the station (deal the last point of damage to it with an ion weapon). If that proved to be unfeasible, then the station was to be destroyed.

Rules notes: I used the DS-9 station token from Star Trek: Attack Wing, with the same shield/hull values, to represent the station. It was capable of two attacks per turn with an Ion Cannon (primary weapons were disabled by the sabotage). The station was granted a constant Reinforce action (1 free evade result per attack), and was treated as a (LARGE) debris field when overlapped. It wasn’t nearly tough enough, anyone borrowing this idea should definitely give it more firepower than I did.

Almost in firing range…


The Battle is joined. Crossbones dodged shot after shot in his TIE Fighter in an impressive defensive show that would prove to be his last, taking the last quad-burst dead on and becoming the first casualty of the day.
The Rebel reserves arrive as the melee continues. Sabercat, another high ranking Imperial, observes the rest of the battle while performing involuntary spacewalk. Meanwhile, a rookie Z-95 pilot earns the callsign “Ghostrider” as he skims along the surface of the station.


With the station disabled, the Rebels turned to mop-up mode, and the remaining Imperials scattered for a table edge.


Soon after this last photo, the remaining Imperials fled the battlefield, living to fight another day. The Rebels swiftly got to work repairing the station, and inspecting its’ contents, and were shocked at what they found… (To be continued in the next post!)

– The Tabletop General