X-Wing RPG Session 5

Agent 7 had to admit, the Rebels were good. Not in the good versus evil sense, as word of their heinous war crimes against the innocents on Alderaan went to show, but good at striking quickly and pressing an advantage, not to mention quite skilled in combat. Were it not for the locator beacons on their stolen TIE Fighters, the Imperial Navy would have never seen the assault on Station Rho 2 coming at all, and it probably would have been captured intact, without damage, and without any losses whatsoever.

Fortunately, both for Agent 7 and for the Empire as a whole, Special Operations Group Spectre was able to hold off the assault long enough for Agent 7 to complete his work and escape. Falsifying the shipping records of the prototype ship components was easy enough. Setting charges at a few key locations around the station was childs’ play, albeit a touch more difficult to make the damage appear to have come from the exterior of the station during the attack. The most difficult part would have been escaping Rho 2 while a battle raged outside, but Stygium crystals had a hand in making that far more simple than one might expect under more normal conditions. They almost worked too well, in fact, as during his launch, Agent 7 was barely able to avoid a collision with what appeared to be a suicidal Z-95 Headhunter skimming along the station’s surface alone. That was a tempting kill, hard to pass up on, but his directive was clear: Influence the war, not a battle.

With his preparations in place, Agent 7 joined Agent 8, triggered the remote detonation of his thermal charges aboard Rho 2, and set a course for Garlan III, confident that the Rebels would soon find his carefully manufactured trail and place themselves directly within his trap. He could practically hear the arguments in their planning rooms now, that this had to be a trap, but that the chance to keep a new and superior starfighter out of the Empire’s hands was a risk that must be taken! He chuckled to himself as his TIE Phantom jumped to lightspeed. If only they knew…

The Rebel forces arrive at their target on Garlan III, having flown in through a tight window in the local air defense coverage. The city almost appears abandoned, save for the anti-air batteries that are most definitely active.


With no opposing ships in sight, the feeling that the Rebels are flying into an ambush grows (the TIE Fighters pictured are flown by Rebels). Several sensor blips appear on radar near the target facility, but the Rebels are unable to identify them with all the buildings in the way.


The Rebels overwhelm the first of several defense turrets with a torrent of firepower en route to the first shield generator (top left building).
Some of those sensor readings turn out to be TIE Fighters, and a heavy assault wing flies into the area, determined to stop the Rebel assault. But Spectre Group has yet to appear…


Suddenly, a Lambda shuttle flown by the infamous pilot known as Grandma comes rising up out of the forest on the Rebels’ flank.
The second set of sensor blips from before materializes into a small fighter squad as well.
The first group of TIE Fighters is quickly dispatched, but seemed to disappear rather than explode. Heralded by explosions that disintegrate the false walls on several buildings, Spectre Group arrives, some in new TIE Interceptors. “It’s a TRAP!!!”
Ghost Rider pulls some tight maneuvering, trying to get away from the ambush…
… but it wasn’t quite enough!
With a generator down and the bulk of the Imperials chasing down a decoy ship, the Rebels breathed a sigh of relief, but it was to be short lived, What they thought had been nothing but holographic distractions before turned out to be a cloaked ship that was now behind them!
Beaten and bruised by the ambush, many Rebel ships were shot down or forced to flee. One pilot, however, would not be dissuaded from the target, as Trident broke off on a solo attack run.
The Imperial forces, realizing that one had slipped through, scrambled to catch up with Trident.


Trident put forth a valiant effort, and damaged, but could not destroy the factory. Wrong Way could have been the Rebels’ last hope, but he chose discretion over valor and fled the battlefield, living to fight another day.

The assault didn’t manage to destroy the facility, but it was a much closer than Agent 7 or his commanders would have liked. Even though this wasn’t the facility the Rebels were led to believe, it was still a valuable factory, and much damage was caused by the battle. Agent 7, however, would not have to face his superiors, having been shot down and killed in the battle. It would now be up to Agent 8, who successfully defended the southern half of the city, to figure out how to stop the Rebels once and for all.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Our campaign will be taking a short break, due to personal reasons along with a bit of X-Wing overload here in the midst of the Store Championship season and as we ramp up for Scum & Villainy’s release. But stay tuned, I hope to start up again in about a month.

— The Tabletop General