Attack Wing – A Matter of Honor OP Prizes

Today in Star Trek: Attack Wing news: a sneak peak at the prizes for the upcoming “A Matter of Honor” Organized Play. This has been shamelessly copied down from a video posted by the one person outside of Wizkids / CBS that seems to get any advance notice regarding what is coming up in Attack Wing, Teri Litorco.

Participation prize – “Officer Exchange Program” (Resource) – 0 points: Select two factions. Admirals, Captains, and Crew of those factions do not pay a faction penalty on the other faction’s ships. Captains and Admirals equipped in this way (but not Crew) have their cost reduced by 1 point.

Prize ship: IKS Pagh – 26 points, 4/1/5/3, Tech, Weapon, Weapon, Crew – When attacking, you may convert one [Crit] result to one [Hit] result. If you do, you may convert one [Blank] result to one [Hit] result.

It’s an interesting new mechanic, and it keeps your [Crit] results from being wasted when hitting shields. I like it.

Kargan – Klingon Captain – 4 points, skill 6 – If you perform an action provided by one of your upgrade cards as your action for the turn, you may take a free target lock action and receive Auxiliary Power token.

Not a great card for general use, as Klingons don’t have a lot of upgrade cards that this would work with, but I can see it coming in handy in a specialized build for the action economy. Will have a lot of synergy with Surrender as Ordered, below.

Riker – Federation Crew – 4 points, Elite Talent slot – Does not pay a faction penalty on Klingon ships. Action: Disable this card to increase your captain skill to 10 until the end phase.

Meh. Fluffy, but Meh.

Surrender as Ordered – Klingon Talent – 4 points – Action: Discard this card to target a ship at Range 1 in your forward firing arc. That ship may choose not to attack this round and disable all Weapon Upgrades. If it does this, you may not attack the targeted ship this round. If it does not do so, or if it has no un-disabled weapon upgrades, you gain +2 attack dice against that ship this turn.

Doesn’t do much for me on its’ own, but could be useful for an alpha strike, provided that you find a way to modify your dice, such as getting a Target Lock from Kargan, above.

Phaser Array Retrofit – Klingon Weapon – 5 points – When attacking at Range 3 with your primary weapon, you gain +1 attack die and the defender rolls one less defense die. Can only be purchased for a Klingon ship, no ship may equip more than one Phaser Array Retrofit.

Cool ability, turning range modifiers on their head. Worth 5 points though? Questionable.

Tunneling Neutrino Beam – Federation Tech – 3 points – Disable this card to target a friendly ship at Range 1. Target ship repairs 1 damage to its’ hull. Your ship cannot attack this round. Pay no faction penalty when equipping to a Klingon ship.

A great ability for cloaking fleets that might end up taking a nasty critical hit on their hull. It’s not something I would run, but I can see a LOT of players liking this card.

All in all, it’s not a bad prize ship. Now we just have to sit around and wait for info on how to win it!

— The Tabletop General