Scum & Villainy X-Wing Lists

With the imminent release of the new Scum and Villainy faction for Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures, I figured it was about time to go back and take another pass at creating some lists using ships from the new faction. We’ve seen a lot of new toys since I first put together a screwball list of Z-95 Suicide Bombers.

I don't know how this picture got here... but imagine there's one more Z-95 here, and all the pilots are wearing suspiciously bulky flight jackets...
I don’t know how this picture got here… but imagine there’s one more Z-95 here, and all the pilots are wearing suspiciously bulky flight jackets.

So what’s new?

I think my favorite build right out of the box is a double Aggressor list. I’ve heard horrible things about how they’ve been doing in Vassal tournaments that could care less about shipping delays, but I haven’t seen any lists reported that are “doing it right”, so to say. Allow me to make the following suggestion of a build.

Aggressors All Over

IG88-B – 36 (IG-2000)
Expert Handling – 2 (TIE Advanced / X-Wing)
Advanced Sensors – 3 (Lambda Shuttle / E-Wing)
Ion Cannon – 3 (B-Wing / Slave 1 / TIE Defender)
Autoblaster – 5 (B-Wing)
Inertial Dampeners – 1 (Starviper)
IG-2000 – 0 (IG-2000)

IG88-C – 36 (IG-2000)
Expert Handling – 2 (TIE Advanced / X-Wing)
Advanced Sensors – 3 (Lambda Shuttle / E-Wing)
Ion Cannon – 3 (B-Wing / Slave 1 / TIE Defender)
Autoblaster – 5(B-Wing)
Inertial Dampeners – 1 (Starviper)
IG-2000 – 0 (IG-2000)

(Artists' concept sketch)
(Artists’ concept sketch)

For those of you who haven’t read up on the IG-2000 / Aggressor, there’s four different versions of IG-88 that, assuming you take the free IG-2000 title on the ship, share the pilot abilities of all the others in your list. In a 100 point game, you can only fit two of the four, but that leaves you with plenty of room for upgrades.

The Aggressor’s dial is wide open and generous, boasting the new S-turn, a K-turn, and lots of green maneuvers. Pair that up with the native Boost (+ free evade from IG88-C), Expert Handling’s Barrel Roll (+ ditching a target lock), Advanced Sensors, and the new Inertial Dampeners upgrade that lets you choose to cancel your maneuver once per game, and these Aggressor go wherever you want them to go. Period.

But where do they go? Well, first, they slide into long range, and disable an enemy ship via their Ion Cannons, then they lunge in for the kill with uncancle-able Autoblaster shots once they know where that target will be. Both of those shots get the added benefit of second chance attacks from IG88-B’s pilot ability, which means you’ll very seldom miss your mark.

The list will have some weaknesses. Specifically, high(er) PS ships with a lot of maneuvering actions (like Dash Rendar) will be hard to pin in for Autoblaster shots even once ionized. And a well-flown swarm will make you second guess your maneuver options, but there should be plenty of chances to adjust with all the extra little abilities that are inserted for maneuvers.

Next up is less teamwork, more “every pilot for themselves”.

Three Loners

Kath Scarlet – 38
Veteran Instincts – 1 (Slave 1 /  Millennium Falcon)
K4 Security Droid – 3 (Most Wanted)
Engine Upgrade – 4 (Millennium Falcon)

N’Dru Suhlak – 17 (Most Wanted)
Cluster Missiles – 4 (A-Wing / TIE Advanced)
Lone Wolf – 2 (YT-2400 Outrider)

Drea Renthal – 22 (Most Wanted)
Ion Cannon Turret – 5 (Y-Wing / HWK-290)
R4-B11 – 3 (Most Wanted)
BTL-A4 Y-Wing – 0 (Most Wanted)

Kath showing off her best side.
Kath shows off her best side.

Drea Renthal is the ultimate angry Y-Wing. Shooting twice per turn with the BTL-A4 title, and taking and spending four target locks (and four stress) per turn thanks to the combo of Drea’s pilot ability and R4-B11, something in particular stays put and gets pinged away at until it dies, or Drea does. If you get lucky, you might get to switch your target lock when you finish your victim. Otherwise, don’t expect any form of action again.

N’Dru Suhlak is a cheap X-Wing so long as you keep him away from his “squadmates”, but he also gets to pick on something with low evasion using his Cluster Missiles. Assuming no extra damage from critical hits, he can strip half the health of a Decimator with a single attack, as his pilot ability adds an extra die to both attack rolls!

Last, but not least, is Kath Scarlet. Kath’s special ability is getting extra dice when firing from her rear arc, which makes for 4 die primary attacks. To make her a little on the dodgy side, Veteran Instincts bumps her up to pilot skill 9, letting her see the field when picking a Boost to aim that shot, and she can pick up free target locks as needed with the K4 Security Droid.

In this set-up, everyone’s doing something completely different – picking on a small ship, picking on a big ship, and running away while blasting something. There’s certainly a risk of one piece getting isolated from the others, but that’s a known risk when flying “loner” style ships.

I’m working on a swarm list, but I can’t figure out the right combo of Z-95’s and M3-A’s yet. I want to use the Starviper, because it’s a beautiful model, but it just doesn’t fit right with anything else.

What else do I have cooking up? I can’t give away all the secrets, but I suppose I could show off some the ingredients…

Scum & Villainy Armada
Using the cheapest pilots and no upgrades, it’s around 350 points. I might have a problem…

Here’s to hoping you all get your hands on your copies of the Scum and Villainy ships soon, and I look forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with!

– The Tabletop General


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