X-Wing ship debris

I don’t have any tactical genius or game experiences to impart today, just a blatant sales pitch for something cool. I wandered across a listing the other day for a Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures “Expansion Pack” that I had never seen before, and I was intrigued – Destroyed ship obstacles. They’re third party, not tournament legal, and not something I can see myself adding to my collection (I have too much stuff to carry around as-is), but it’s definitely cool, and I thought I might share it with my readers because it’s a unique concept.

The first one I found was the Corellian Corvette. Since then, options for a GR-75 Medium Transport, a Firespray-31, a YT-2400, and a VT-49 Decimator have all been added. There’s more photos of each on their respective product pages on Amazon (click the photos for links).

For sale: CR-90 Blockade Runner. Single owner, only driven to Massassi Temple on Sundays.
I hope this doesn’t cause Armada’s wave 1 to be delayed any further…


Early playtesting with Emon Azameen. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why “Genius” is a Salvaged Astromech, and not a Crew upgrade.
Leebo thought he was Dash for a few minutes and flew right into those asteroids. Alternative joke: Can Dash ignore himself?
Oicunn trades in for a newer model when his lease is up.

They’re expensive, I’ll admit, and most miniature gamers will look at it and say “I could do that, just gimme a drill, a big knife, and some weathering paints”. But for those who aren’t 100% focused on competitive play, and want some cool scenery for a casual game without having to put the effort to make their own, this really isn’t a bad idea.

– The Tabletop General