“Bounty Bros”

Guest Author time! This week’s battle report comes from a local Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures player who is known in the world of costuming and online gaming as The Real McCoy.  

The Real McCoy
Ladies… he’s after the bounty on your heart. Gentlemen, he permits no interference.


McCoy participated in a tournament I ran yesterday in celebration of “¡El Sith-o de Mayo!”. McCoy has asked me to write an article about Boba Fett and how he works in X-Wing for the Boba Fett Fan Club, for which he has been a contributing editor since 2007. In return (and perhaps to put a little pressure on me to finish said article), he agreed to provide a battle report of his experiences on the day as a bit of cross-promotion. Nerds helping nerds! Mr. McCoy, the floor is yours.

– The Tabletop General

Bear with me since this is my first battle report and my first tournament win, so I didn’t really keep track of the events as closely as some of the other guys who do this a lot tend to do. I’ve been playing X-Wing for about a year and a half now. For most of that time I flew Echo escorted by a swarm of TIE Fighters and I enjoyed the game a great deal. When the Scum & Villainy faction was announced I was ecstatic because I am a huge Boba Fett and bounty hunter fan, so I knew I would be finally flying him no matter if he was competitive or not in tournament play. The list I came up with after a little play testing was a Boba Fett and IG-88 B build that I call “Bounty Bros.” I’ve changed around maybe six points worth of upgrades within this list, and my first few games I did fly with IG-88 C, but other than that it has been mostly the same list since I first started playing it a few months ago.

Bounty Bros
((Insert guitar riff here))

Bounty Bros:

Boba Fett – 39
Push the Limit – 3 (A-Wing /  Imperial Aces)
Engine Upgrade – 4 (Millennium Falcon)
Recon Specialist – 3 (HWK-290 / TIE Phantom)
Inertial Dampeners – 1 (Starviper / IG-2000)
Slave I – 0 (Firespray-33)

IG-88 B – 36
Heavy Laser Cannon – 7 (Lambda Shuttle / Slave 1 / YT-2400)
Fire-Control Systems – 2 (B-Wing / TIE Phantom)
Autothrusters – 2 (Starviper)
Veteran Instincts -1 (Slave 1 /  Millennium Falcon)
IG-2000 – 0 (IG-2000)
Inertial Dampeners – 1 (Starviper / IG-2000)

Bounty Bros in flight

Before you ask, yes, I have titles for each ship that do nothing, but they don’t cost anything and I am a true Star Wars fan. Plus, from what I have heard it’s good karma for the dice gods.

I take Veteran Instincts on IG-88 because it gives me more firing and movement options and prevents me from bumping into my own ships. Using the Heavy Laser Cannon can be tricky because it can’t fire at range one, taking IG-88 B’s pilot ability away, so I usually try and keep him farther away.

Fett is the complete opposite – I slam him right into the thick of my opponent’s force, even if I bump them. I know what you are thinking, the Firespray dial only has four greens on it so it is a bad idea to have the Push the Limit upgrade on Fett, but I would retort that you only ever want him going the green one maneuvers anyway to stay within range one of enemy ships. Scum Fett’s rerolls are vital to this list and just as good as an action most of the time, especially when there are multiple ships near him to trigger the ability.

Inertial Dampeners I always save for kill shots, since it makes you defensively vulnerable to take the stress and not have any actions available. But when I do pull the space e-brake, I’m usually able to destroy my target before they can return fire that round. So far this list is 22-12 and it is an absolute blast to fly.


Round One – Fight!


Darth Vader – 29

Howlrunner– 18
Swarm Tactics – 2 (TIE Fighter / TIE Advanced)

Whisper – 32
Advanced Cloaking Device – 4 (TIE Phantom)
Fire-Control Systems – 2 (B-Wing / TIE Phantom)

Obsidian Squadron Pilot – 13

Bounty Bros R1
Imperial reinforcements were on the way, but Whisper’s bounty was too high to pass up!

From what I understand this was the first competitive game that David, my first opponent, had ever played of X-Wing but he’s played quite a bit of Star Trek: Attack Wing so he was familiar with a lot of the concepts already. Thankfully, I had initiative so Vader was firing before the Bros; and since the Imperial Raider isn’t out yet, Vader isn’t quite as scary currently as he will be later this summer.

He set up most of his TIEs in one corner, but his Phantom all alone in the other, so I lined up to charge straight at the Phantom, betting on my ability to destroy it before the other ships got within range. His first move was a hard two toward his allies, like I expected, which kept it barely out of range three for me to fire on him.  But with an Engine Upgrade on the Firespray it can haul ass, and on turn two I was able to line up shots with both of my ships on Whisper. Fett target locked and double focused and took a range two shot at the Phantom and luckily for me the dice gods smiled and I one-shot it off the table in round two, even with the bonus dice from being cloaked.

After that I felt pretty good and turned my attention to Howlrunner and Vader. Howly went down pretty fast after that and Vader took one shield loss from my IG-88 only to escape in the other direction dragging my target lock with it. Swarm Tactics wasn’t useful due to my pilot skill eight ships having initiative, so I finished off the Obsidian and turned back to eventually chase down Vader and was able to kill him with minimal shield loss to both of my ships.

1-0, 200 MoV


Round Two – Fight!


Chewbacca – 42 (Millennium Falcon)
Predator – 3 (TIE Defender)
Millennium Falcon – 1 (Millennium Falcon)
Gunner – 5 (Slave 1)

Leebo – 34 (YT-2400)
Predator – 3 (TIE Defender)
Outrider – 5 (YT-2400)
Mangler Cannon – 4 (IG-2000 / M3-A)
Recon Specialist – 3 (HWK-290 / TIE Phantom)

Bounty Bros R2
Boba: “Let’s get the Wookie and complete my collection!”

Despite not having ever faced him before, my second opponent had clearly been playing a while. I have a similar Chewie/Leebo list that I really enjoy flying, but mine is a lot more defensive. This one I could tell was all firepower, but I was confident that if I got down the Falcon quickly that I could chase the Outrider around and hopefully wear it down.

I squared off across from the Falcon and did a short one maneuver on round one to get an idea of where he was headed, then went farther in round two to get Boba in his face. It worked out exactly as I had hoped, I was able to strip the Falcon’s shields in turn two while only taking a bit of damage myself. We traded fire the next two turns but on turn four I had two shots lined up at Chewie and he was gone, leaving an injured IG and Fett at full health to pursue Leebo.

Thankfully I had positioned IG-88 behind the Outrider so as he ran and fired back my Autothrusters kicked in for each combat round, and the dice gods smiled on me once again and the Outrider didn’t roll a single evade during our game. IG took more damage but Leebo was destroyed around the 30-minute mark in the round. Since that turned into such a quick win, we had a chance to step outside of the game for a few minutes and chatted about Clone Wars, Rebels and The Force Awakens until the next round.

2-0, 400 MoV


Round Three – Fight!


IG88-B – 36 (IG-2000)
Push the Limit – 3 (A-Wing /  Imperial Aces)
Autothrusters – 2 (Starviper)
IG-2000 – 0 (IG-2000)
Inertial Dampeners – 1 (Starviper / IG-2000)
Mangler Cannon – 4 (IG-2000 / M3-A)
Autoblaster – 5 (B-Wing)

IG88-C – 36 (IG-2000)
Push the Limit – 3 (A-Wing /  Imperial Aces)
Autothrusters – 2 (Starviper)
IG-2000 – 0 (IG-2000)
Inertial Dampeners – 1 (Starviper / IG-2000)
Mangler Cannon – 4 (IG-2000 / M3-A)
Ion Cannon – 3 (B-Wing / Slave 1 / TIE Defender)

Didn't get a picture of this round, so here's one of Sabine hanging with the Bros
Didn’t get a picture of this round, so here’s one of Sabine hanging with the Bros instead.

This list I was honestly pretty nervous about. In the last store championship that I finished fourth place in, this was the one list that beat me, 100-0 no less. Given that my opponent was also 2-0, my goal was to try and just take one off the table, which of course was IG-88 B since he is by far the more deadly of the two ships. Both my opponent and I both joked about how tired we were and I decided that it would not be a bad idea to line up to joust one another in the opening rounds.

I started with moving each of my ships one forward since he was flying with IG-88 C and I knew that he would be boosting. I also knew that once I was parked in front of his ships, he would have to manuever around me, and given how close to the edge of the board we were on one side and the proximity of asteroids on the other side, I knew mostly where he would be.

Both of his ships were were stressed from using push the limit on our opening volley, meaning wasn’t able to k-turn around behind me. As a result, both of his ships did a soft two in toward the center of the map and bumped into my ships. My stressed Fett went four forward and jumped over the cluster that was forming with a clear firing arc on the now-shieldless IG-88B. My Iggy performed a hard one maneuver to get out of arc on one droid in pursuit of the other. The next turn Fett cleared his stress and slowly banked around back into the fight.

His B went down soon after and I was left to spend the rest of the game s-looping my single hull point B and his damaged C after one another while my Boba played catch up to the other two infinitely more maneuverable ships. Sometimes in a pinch I will opt for a white hard two maneuver even when I’m stressed if I’m near the board edge or an obstacle, but for the most part a soft one with the boost is enough to get him slowly turned around. There was very little firing in the second half of the game. Finally with around ten minutes left in the round I lined up two clean shots on the Aggressor and destroyed it. This match with JT was definitely the closest game I played but also the most fun.

3-0, 600 MoV


Final Thoughts

I know I’ve come a long way since I started this game but I can’t stress enough that I would play this list even if it didn’t win as often as it does. I can’t wait until Bossk comes out so I can play 150 point game with all three, or I may potentially sub out one of the three bounty hunters depending on what I’m flying against that day. We have players locally that specialize in A-Wings, some in Phantoms, others with X-Wings, so I’m perfectly fine with being that bounty hunter player. At the end of the day the game is about having fun.

The prize for winning the tournament was actually a 4-day MomoCon badge, which I have been going to for the past six years. Regionals is all day that Saturday and there is no way I am missing that Scum Boba alternate art pilot card, but I will hopefully be able to go to the con the rest of the days. I’ll probably be wearing my custom Mandalorian armor some of the weekend and my new Kyle Katarn costume the rest, so I hope to see everyone there!


The Real McCoy is a cosplayer, blogger, and gamer from Atlanta, GA. He is a contributing editor for the Boba Fett Fan Club and an administrator of the Mandalorian Brotherhood online gaming community.