Armada FAQ changes

Like a daring raid on the Death Star II’s shield generators, we never saw this one coming. Fantasy Flight has quietly released a FAQ update for Star Wars: Armada, and it carries with it some major changes to the rules, or at least how they have been interpreted until now.

The Hyperspace Assault scenario has been clarified so that any fighters that cannot deploy legally are destroyed, but this won’t be an issue moving forward because you won’t see fleets without more than one ship at the 300 point level once wave one releases (rumored to be happening as early as today).

Additionally, the Most Wanted scenario has been clarified to only grant bonus attack dice to ships. It was a big eye-opener for us at our first tournament when someone (correctly) claimed the bonus dice for their X-Wings, making this a much more brutal scenario than intended.

The biggest change in my eye is to addition of attack dice. Specifically, abilities that add dice to the pool can be triggered regardless of range restrictions. That means that if an effect or ability (like the Opening Salvo objective card, or the Dominator title) can add black or blue dice to the pool, they are applied at medium or even at long range. However, there is a caveat: the ship must have dice available to it at that range originally, so a CR90 B still cannot attack at long range, even if a game effect could add red dice to its’ pool.

Attacks triggering from the Counter keyword receive bonuses as normal. That means that your TIE Interceptors are definitely going to want Howlrunner around.

And speaking of Fighter Squadrons, your point allowance is based off of the total allowed, not the total spent. So even if you’re only spending 290 points in a 300 point game, 100 out of your 290 spent can still be allocated to fighter squadrons.

The full FAQ document is available here. Personally, I think these are all changes and clarifications that needed to happen. But let’s hope these kinds of changes come with a bit more pomp and circumstance (read: announcement) going forward. And stay tuned, perhaps we’ll have some new ships to play with soon!

– The Tabletop General