K-Wing Preview- Fire ALL the ordnance!

The K-Wing is coming up as the newest letter in the Rebel alphabet soup addition to the Rebel arsenal for Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures. The K-Wing has potential to be the most expensive small-based ship in the game. With a cost ranging from 23 points (Warden Squadron with no upgrades) up to 73 (Miranda Doni with the most expensive upgrade available in each slot), there’s a lot of different ways you can configure a K-Wing.


Minimum cost combat role – Without any upgrades a Warden Squadron K-Wing is 23 points for 9 hit points and a 2-die turret attack. While it doesn’t have quite the raw firepower of a Blue Squadron B-Wing at 22 points, the added versatility of having a 360 field of fire may mean that we see a few of these as substitutes in lists that have a point or two to spare.

Swarm – If you’re going the swarm route, you can place 2 points worth of upgrades on each and still fit four K-Wings into a 100 point list. That means you can fit something such as one of the following onto each:

  • Autoblaster Turret (Most Wanted)- Situational, hard to justify.
  • Ion Bombs (K-Wing) – Oooo, shiny new toy!
  • Seismic Charges (TIE Bomber / IG-2000 / Slave 1) – You can’t go wrong with “bonus” damage that doesn’t require an attack (or even an action).
  • Flechette Torpedo (E-Wing / GR-75) – Not the most useful thing in the world, but it can help pin down arc dodgers.
  • Intelligence Agent (HWK-290 / Lambda) – I like this one combined with access to SLAM actions – Gives you a “Get out of Jail Free” card if you don’t like how the maneuvers match up between you and your opponent.
  • Tactician (TIE Phantom) – A better long-term investment for stress mechanic than the Flechette Torpedo because it can work multiple times.

Will it be effective to run four K-Wings? Probably not. But it might be interesting to mix one of them into a squad of B-Wings (for those who don’t care for including a Z-95 alongside four Blue Squadron B-Wings) and sprinkle in some upgrades to personal preference.

Loaded combat role – So what if you want to maximize the K-Wing’s loadout, and you’re okay with being a bit silly about it? For 53 points (just shy of a loaded out Dash Rendar or Han Solo), you can have the following:

Warden Squadron Pilot – 23 (K-Wing)
Ion Cannon Turret – 5 (Y-Wing HWK-290)
Plasma Torpedoes – 3 (K-Wing)
Extra Munitions – 2 (K-Wing / TIE Punisher)
Homing Missiles – 5 (A-Wing / Firespray-31)
Chewbacca – 4 (Millennium Falcon)
Proton Bombs – 5 (VT-49 Decimator / TIE Bomber)
Proton Bombs – 5 (VT-49 Decimator / TIE Bomber)
Munitions Failsafe – 1 (TIE Defender /  Z-95)

So now we’ve got an 11 point ship capable of throwing out four ordnance attacks (or more, if any of them miss), four bombs, and tossing around a few ion shots as well. But with only one defense die, this thing will get focused down quickly. So if you’re really going that route, make sure you bring support ships that can help you maximize your K-Wing’s action economy and life span in order to put all those upgrades to good use:

Biggs Darklighter – 25 (Starter set)
R7 Astromech – 2 (E-Wing)

Airen Cracken -19 (Z-95)
Veteran Instincts -1 (Slave 1 /  Millennium Falcon)

Now you’ve essentially bought your K-Wing two more turns of life, by adding Biggs on as extra hit points, and Cracken can either extend Biggs’ lifespan or increase the K-Wing’s damage output, depending on which one he grants an extra action to. Silly? Yes. Would I take it to a tournament? No. Will a video pop up on Youtube of me playing something close to this for kicks at some point in the future? Probably.

Loaded bomber – Alright, so let’s scale it back a bit. and build something more reasonable, but that really makes use of the K-Wing’s special abilities and generous upgrade bar.

Warden Squadron Pilot – 23 (K-Wing)
Extra Munitions – 2 (K-Wing / TIE Punisher)
Proton Bombs – 5 (VT-49 Decimator / TIE Bomber)
Advanced SLAM – 2 (K-Wing)
Intelligence Agent – 1 (HWK-290 / Lambda)
Proximity Mines – 3 (Slave 1 / IG-2000)

Intelligence-agent                           advanced-slam

If I’m taking a single K-Wing that isn’t intended to be the focal point of my force, this is probably going to be my preferred build. Weighing in at 34 points, this more reasonable K-Wing build relies on its’ primary attack in the combat phase, but isn’t without a few tricks up the sleeve. Intelligence Agent is one of the key pieces; with a quick look at a nearby opponent’s dial, you can decide ahead of time which of the following plans would be most advantageous for you:

  • Move, combat action, fire
  • Drop a Proton Bomb, move, combat action, fire
  • Move, Proximity Mine, fire
  • Move, Proton Bomb, SLAM, defensive action
  • Move, SLAM, Proximity Mine
  • …and so on…

Additionally, you can redirect your SLAM move to a safer location based off of where your opponent will be headed, either to avoid an attack, block a movement, or realize you don’t need to use it at all, you’ll have a clear and safe turret shot.

Tuketu – Esege Tuketu is an interesting pilot, but one that is explicitly designated for a particular support role. Since none of the K-Wing pilots have Elite Pilot Talent slots, the only thing that Tuketu brings to the table beyond higher pilot skill than the generic pilots is the following pilot ability:

“When another friendly ship at Range 1-2 is attacking, it may treat your focus tokens as its own.”

So it can’t be used for defense (no Biggs / R2-F2 + pile of focus shenanigans), it can’t be used for unusual abilities (R5-P9 can’t borrow it)… where might this come in handy then?

Perhaps with Garven Dreis, who can spend Tuketu’s token on offense, and then hand it right back before Tuketu attacks…

esege-tuketu              garven-dreis

Or give Tuketu a Recon Specialist and team him up with a couple of A-Wings carrying Proton Rockets who are now free to spend their actions getting into the best position to fire and taking a Target Lock on the intended victim.

recon-specialist                           proton-rockets


Miranda – Miranda Doni is the more effective of the two named K-Wing pilots in my mind, simply because of the versatility she brings to the table in managing damage output and her own health. Miranda has wonderful synergy with the new Twin Laser Turret upgrade. Against high agility targets where every die counts, Miranda can sacrifice a shield to take a shot with four attack dice either before or after taking another shot with three dice, hoping to sneak a hit through and strip off a stealth device or something along those lines. But against bigger targets with less defense dice, she can sacrifice an attack die to recover some health, since each attack maxes out at one damage anyway.

miranda-doni                     twin-laser-turret

New bombs – A certain player in my local meta is rejoicing over new options for bombs that come along with this expansion. He might be right. The K-Wing brings two new types to the table, Ion Bombs and the Connor Net. Both of these are focused on disabling the opponent. Ion bombs work exactly like Seismic Bombs, but victims receive two Ion tokens instead of taking damage. Conner Nets remain on the field like an hour-glass shaped Proximity Mine, but anything hitting the net (or being hit by it) receives two Ion tokens, takes one damage, and is forced to skip its’ perform action step that turn, so they’re REALLY dead in the water.

ion-bombs                           connor-net

TLT & Y-Wings – Yeah, the section header concept I’m trying out here kind of gives this one away, but think of the possibilities. Horton Salm (Y-Wing) becomes a sniper carrying a fully automatic pellet gun. And your BTL-A4 (Most Wanted) “Warthogs” that are normally close-range only now prefer firing at a distant target!

horton-salm                     btl-a4-y-wing


Summary – So the K-Wing may not be a must-have sort of ship that dominates the meta like previous releases have done, where we saw nothing but YT-2400 Outriders and VT-49 Decimators on the table for weeks at a time, but I think that’s a good thing. It’s an option, and it will bring variety to the game. There’s options for more, but I would suggest buying two at the most, and borrowing when you want to use more.

— The Tabletop General