Who am I?

I’m a mash-up of opposites. I can spend all day in front of a computer screen, but I need my wilderness adventures from time to time. I’ll talk fantasy sports with you, but I’m just as happy running around the field myself. I’m that guy that hurries to get to the door first, but only so that I can hold it open for the crowd. I don’t mind a lively debate, but I don’t mind sitting back and listening either.

Even my music preferences are mash-ups; I’m not always a rap or dubstep aficionado, but a good hip-hop or twisted bass line remixed into rock, jazz, classical, or even bluegrass will grab my attention in a hurry.

I dream of running my own company, while climbing the corporate ladder. I’m a code monkey at heart, with a steady supply of Red Bull right next to my stash of protein bars in my office. When I watched Iron Man and was working on my own Jarvis software within hours. I like creating things, but I often struggle to make my vision become reality.

I play games because I like to challenge myself against others. I analyze games because I want to know how they work, what the secret algorithm is. I tweak games, because I have a habit of twisting them until they break. I write about games because I want to share my challenges, my analysis, and my suggestions with my close friends and my friends that I haven’t met yet.

When I was young, I was that kid that was always asking “Why?”, but I was asking myself more than anyone else, and I would be determined to find out the answer. Now I’ve grown up, but I’m still that inquisitive kid inside. The difference is, I’ve learned to ask myself “Why not?” sometimes too.

So why not start a website?

– The Tabletop General