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Every once in a while, I see that readers have reached The Tabletop General by putting a question into a search engine that isn’t exactly answered on the site, but relates to an article here. Any of those questions that catch my eye will now be answered here. Perhaps the original requester has already found their answer, but surely they could help someone else too.

Now, granted, I get the search terms used to find my site a little under 10% of the time, so if you’re getting here by looking for something that you don’t see answered here, please use the “Contact Me” page to submit your question, and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible.

Game Systems

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures
Star Wars Armada
Star Trek Attack Wing

X-Wing Miniatures

Q: How does Carnor Jax (Imperial Aces) affect Marksmanship (X-Wing / Starter set)?
A: In short, he doesn’t. The effects of Marksmanship are similar to a Focus that can only be used on offense, but Carnor Jax has no effect on it, as he specifically prohibits the Focus (& Evade) action and expenditure of their tokens. Keyan Farlander (Rebel Aces), Proton Torpedoes (X-Wing / Y-Wing / B-WingStarter set), and Rear Admiral Chiraneau (VT-49 Decimator) all have similar abilities that convert Focus icons without requiring a Focus action, Carnor Jax does not interfere with those. Similarly, Carnor Jax does not interfere with Autothrusters (Starviper), as it does not count as an Evade token or action.
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Q: How do you beat Super Dash (YT-2400 Outrider)?
A: This is a subjective question, and depends on what you’re flying against him. But my number one answer is: Block. Block like your life depends on it.  If given free reign to maneuver, Super Dash (the default 58 point version or a close variant thereof) will avoid firing arcs and run away until he can get a shot that is better than any you’ll get back at him. But in order to fully utilize his action economy, Dash will be stressing himself, which doesn’t leave a lot of dial options for subsequent turns. Chump block him with an injured TIE Fighter or something similar, and he’s suddenly stuck without his powerful re-positioning ability.
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Q: Why can the Stygium Particle Accelerator(TIE Phantom) be put on all ships?
A: I can’t say definitively, not being an X-Wing game designer, but my gut says that the TIE Phantom may not be the only ship to ever have cloaking. As to why the Stygium Particle Accelerator is available to anyone, but Advanced Cloaking Device (TIE Phantom) is restricted to the Phantom only: The Advanced Cloaking Device allows the equipped ship to cloak, it would work even if you didn’t have the action on your action bar. Just imagine if that got into the hands of the Rebellion!
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Q: What’s the best missile for N’Dru Suhlak (Most Wanted)?
A: N’Dru has a very interesting ability that adds an attack die to any weapon he fires if he has no friendly ships nearby. But, flying a Z-95 Headhunter, his options for weapons are limited to his primary weapon, and a single Missile slot. I think Cluster Missiles (A-Wing / TIE Advanced) are probably the best bet for him because it makes two separate attack, applies the bonus attack die twice, and Range 1-2 weapons are generally pretty easy to find a way to fire. N’Dru’s ability also works on a Hotshot Blaster (Most Wanted) taken as his illicit upgrade, so don’t overlook that one either.
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Q: If your ship is partly off the playing field, does it die?
A: “If a ship executes a maneuver that causes any part of its base to go outside the play area (beyond any edge), then that ship has fled the battlefield. Unless specified by a mission overview, ships that flee the battlefield are immediately destroyed” – Core rules, page 17.
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Q: Scum & Villainy vs Empire (or Rebels), who gets initiative?
A: This is one of the few things out of the core rulebook that gets tossed out the window when you move beyond the basic demo game. If both players have spent the same amount of points on their list, all initiative ties are broken by means of a dice roll-off. The standard method is to roll three dice, and the player with the most [Focus] results wins. Since this so often results in a tie, I tend to simplify the process by simulating a coinflip – rolling a single attack die and letting the opponent call the result as “hit” ([Hit] or [Crit]) or “miss” ([Blank] or [Focus]).
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Star Wars Armada

Q: What’s the difference between “Range” and “Distance”?
A: “Distances” are numbered 1-5, and are labeled on one side of the range ruler. “Ranges” are named (Close, Medium, Long), and are marked on the opposite side of the range ruler (Black/Blue/Red, Blue/Red, and Red dice marks, respectively). Generally speaking, ships use Range, and squadrons use Distance.
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Star Trek: Attack Wing

Q: Does Vanik(Collective OP1 Prize) work on your whole fleet or just his ship?
A: Vanik, and any other card which discounts the cost of upgrades without specifying the entire fleet (Such as Fleet Captain resource cards), only counts for his ship.
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Q: When Borg Ablative Hull Armor(Borg Sphere 4270) is discarded, do your shields raise?
A: Borg Ablative Hull Armor does not lower or raise your shields. If some effect has lowered your shields, discarding BAHA does has no impact on this.
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Q: Is the Oversized Borg Cube usable in game?
A: Tricky question. Yes, unless the tournament venue or specific Organized Play scenario has a rule that prohibits it, the game piece is legal to use in casual and tournament play, but you probably shouldn’t use it in tournament play, and perhaps can’t. The model looks great, but that’s about all its’ good for (in my personal opinion).

The Oversized Borg Cube has a 30 point premium built into its’ cost above the standard formula of 2 fleet points per stat point, giving it a prohibitive 82/80 point cost before upgrades. You are required to bring 3 ships in a standard 120 point match, or 2 within 90 if using a blind buy. So with the blind buy, you can’t afford a second ship (cheapest available is 12 – the generic variants of the R.I.S. Apnex or I.R.W. Praetus), and thus can’t build a legal list. And without the blind buy, you have at most 16 points worth of equipment to place on your ships (or upgrade those Romulans to more useful ships). So legal? Depends on your list and the scenario. But you won’t be winning much of anything with it regardless.
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