Preview: A Day at the Races

The following is a ruleset draft in progress that I’ve posted to share with my local gaming group. No guarantees of accuracy, consistency, or fun are made.


X-Wing: A day at the races

40 points per player

No more than 2 ships per player

No unique pilots


Matchups will be determined completely at random. If an odd number of players are present during events 1-4, a random player will receive a bye, and will receive points equal to the average for the round amongst all players.

Bets in rounds 1-4 are allowed and encouraged. Any player may place a single bet of 1 to 5 points per round on a player in a match other than their own to win the match. The points are lost if that player does not win, or doubled if they do.


Events 1 & 3 – Sprint Shootout

Ships must begin in base contact with one map edge (designated “South”), race to the opposite side (“North”), back to the starting side (“South”), and to the opposite side (“North”) again. Ships leaving the map on the “East” or “West” edges are immediately destroyed, but traveling off the edge of the map to the “North” and “South” is both permitted and required. When completing a trip to the “North” or “South” edge of the map, the ship’s base must go at least part way off of the edge of the map on each leg of the sprint in order to count that leg as being completed. If a player is using multiple ships, one ship must complete all four legs of the sprint to count as a victory. Each leg of the sprint is worth 3 points, with a 2 point bonus for being the first player to complete that leg. Only one ship per player is allowed to receive credit for completing each leg. Each point of hull damage done to an opposing ship is worth 1 point. If a player controls multiple ships and their leading ship is destroyed, that player’s other ships may continue the race, but must complete each leg of the race, and the player does not receive duplicate credit for sections previously completed by their other ship(s). The match ends immediately as soon as any ship has completed the fourth leg of the sprint.


Event 2 & 4 – Death Slalom


Ships will begin in base contact with one map edge. Six pairs of tokens will be placed on the map which will be range 2 apart from each other, with a number assigned to each gate from 1 to 6. One player will have to go through in ascending order (1-6) and the other in descending order (6-1). A ship must fly between all six sets of gates, scoring two points per gate traveled through in order (no points allocated for out of order gates or for subsequent ships on the same team). A ship flying through a gate out of order will be fired at by automated guns in the gate; this attack will consist of two attack dice (rolled by the opponent), plus an additional two dice per offense (6 dice for a third out of order gate, etc). The match ends immediately once a single ship has survived flying through all gates (in proper order, regardless of any extra gates in between), or once all ships in play have been destroyed. Any gates flown through after all enemy ships have been eliminated will be worth double points.

Gate posts are considered obstacles identical to tiny asteroids, overlapping a gate post with your ship or movement template will count as having gone through that gate. Gates will be positioned as per the attached diagram (not to scale, but relative positions are given).


Event 3 – Rumble Royale

An oval track will be laid out with a designated start/finish line for ALL players to place their ships on in opposite order of current standings in the event (first place placing last), with each ship placed outside of range 2 from all opponent’s ships if possible, outside range of 1 otherwise, and facing counterclockwise along the course. Play will then commence as a free-for-all game with points allocated for completed laps around the course. Contact with the edge of the course will be treated as overlapping a huge ship, followed by an optional rotation in place to be facing parallel to the wall. Traveling counterclockwise around the course will net each player 3 points per lap per ship. Traveling clockwise is permitted; however once a ship has traveled clockwise across the start/finish line, no further lap points will be granted for that ship. Each shield damage dealt to an opponent’s ship is worth 2 points, each hull damage dealt to an opponent’s ship is worth 1 point, with a bonus of two points per kill shot. The match ends immediately once a player has completed X+1 laps, where X is equal to the number of players in the event. If all opponents’ ships have been eliminated, it can be assumed that the remaining player completes all remaining laps (but no points allotted if the surviving ships went clockwise!).